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Who here listens to My Chemical Romance? I've known about them for awhile, but i've finally really got into them. How many CDs do they have out so far?
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The French Kicks/Dios (Malos)

Went to see The French Kicks and Dios (Malos) last Saturday and it was a great show. Now these two bands are awesome. I would have never guessed that Nick Stumpf, lead singer of The French Kicks, has such great stage presence.

The French Kicks

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Yeah so uh...this community is sorta dead...


(Oh, and by the way, the "i" is far too cutesy for you. I'm reverting back to Gab-y. It had to be said.)

But, on the plus side, I'm listening to Velvet Revolver, and Keane :-)
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The Hives On MadTV!

being it's 1:12 am where i am (texas), the Hives will be on MadTV at 9:00 pm. and since i'm in entral time, do the math, cuz i'm on weekend break, and i cant do math.

so watch for it!
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obviously joined. i'm Kat, a Hives obsessor. (i'm really bad at these intros *emphasizes on really*) uh, i finally bought "Barely Legal" after three months on agonizing pain. go me! and i'm enjoying "Closed For The Season".

*cant think of a snappy sign off*
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hey everyone. I am really bad at this community stuff, so everyone feel free to do whatever they want on here. If anyone knows of some really good bands feel free to mention them. Sometimes it is pretty hard to find out about good non-mainstream bands.
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First Post

1) name: Dr. Drea (not really a doctor, it's a nickname)
2) age: 21
3) location: Santa Cruz, Ca
4) 4 favorite band or artists): Grandaddy, Boards of Canada, Kasabian, !!!
5) 4 favorite songs: "Pardon My Freedom" (!!!), "Walk Idiot Walk" (The Hives), "Trial of the Century" (The French Kicks), "Heaven Adores You" (Earlimart)
6) 3 bands or artists you don't like: Jimmy Eat World, Saves the Day, Fire Thieft
7) 4 songs you really don't like: "Somebody Told Me" (The Killers), "Ray of Light" (Madonna), "The Dream Team is in the House" (L.A. Dream Team), "I Believe I can Fly" (William Hung)

my info

1) name:Queen Emily
2) location:Burton Michigan
3) 4 favorite band or artists):Darling Be Rational, My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, The Used
4) 4 favorite songs:Tech City Loves You, Solitude, Beautiful Stalker, Taste Of Ink
5) 3 bands or artists you don't like: Britney fucking Spears, Simple Plan, Eminem
6) 4 songs you really don't like: Christmas songs in general, any song written by Eminem (I HATE him), Ocean Avenue-Yellowcard, One Thing-Finger elven
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