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hey, I'm new here and figured I would do that whole appilication thing.....

Name: Tonianne

Age/DOB: 15 and my b-day is March 7, 1990

Location: Crestwood, New York

4 Favorite Bands: Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Rancid, and Kings of Leon

4 Favorite Songs: Jesus of Suburbia- Green Day, I Never Told You What I Do For a Living- My Chemical Romance, Journey to the End of East Bay- Rancid, and King of the Rodeo by Kings of Leon.

3 Bands or Artists I don't like: Avril Lavigne, Ashley Simpson,  and Lindsay  Lohan

4 songs I really don't like: So Yesterday- Hilary Duff, Rumours- Lindsay Lohan, Beverly Hills- Weezer, and Boys and Girls- Good Charlotte

okay, yeah, that's about it. I love the underground bands where I live o they are amongmy fave bads, but, didn't think anyone would know them so.....anyway, yeah, that's me.


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