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Complete Stadium Arcadium tracklist [Mar. 19th, 2006|02:53 pm]
Awesome Bands
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Not sure if you guys have seen this yet, but here's the complete tracklisting of the upcoming RHCP LP. 38 songs in all!

Found it here:

'Dani California'
'Snow (Hey Oh)'
'Stadium Arcadium'
'Ghost Dance'
'She's Only 18'
'Slow Cheetah'
'Torture Me'
'Animal Bar'
'Especially In Michigan'
'C'mon Girl'
'Storm In A Teacup'
'Desecration Smile'
'Tell Me Baby'
'Hard To Concentrate'
'Wet Sand'
'21st Century'
'She Looks To Me'
'Make You Feel Better'
'Early Eighties'
'So Much I'
'We Believe'
'Turn It Again'
'Death Of A Martian'

Here's also a recent article/interview about the new album: